Guide to Keeping Kids Entertained During COVID-19 Cabin Fever

I'm hoping to create an amazing and extensive resource for all of you here. The plan is to add new items daily as I come across them. Although I don't have any kids to entertain anymore, my experience and knowledge with children hopefully can be a blessing to some. I have some of my Bachelor of Education and also have education in Early Childhood Development. I founded and ran an early literacy preschool for a number of years. I even homeschooled my own kids for 15 years. I founded and ran the Edmonton area book and educational supply store for homeschoolers for 10 years. I also was on the board of the Alberta Association for Bright Children for many years running the library and answering phone calls from parents, teachers, and doctors regarding their questions about gifted children. I thought I would be working with children my whole life- who knew my path would follow my mom's footsteps into real estate- and now I get to walk down memory lane a bit by creating this resource! 
I love talking with people and sharing any knowledge I have to share or just being a supportive person to talk to. Feel free to email me at if you are struggling with being home with your kids, or just need someone to talk to about whatever really. 

15 Fantabulous Ideas

1. Create a Family Bucket List (like this one)
2. Have Any Cardboard Boxes? Best Toy in the World! Ideas: herehere, and here.
3. Everyone Loves a Good Fort! Want to Go Next Level? An Interior Designer Gives Her TipsExtra Ideas.
4. Masking Tape Race Track for Little People to Run Off Energy. I couldn't find a link for this, but you take masking or painter's tape and make arrows around the house with it. Make sure to make lots of zigs and zags and make the tape go up over couches etc for extra fun. There is a designated starting place and ending place (you could even write "start" and "finish" with the tape. For extra fun, time them and then see if they can beat their time on the next runs. Ideas for other fun with masking tape are here. +  Car Race Track ActivityDuct Tape Craft Ideas.
5. Have a Family Dance Party! If you have any glowsticks, coloured lights, disco ball, scarves, streamers, or costumes they can add to the fun. Here is a Playlist You Could Use. Top 6 Reasons to Have a Daily Family Dance Party.
6-15. Coming Soon...

Educational Television

Educational Websites 

Crash Course- A YouTube channel, not a website, but this channel has some amazing videos on many topics - mostly a little more complex topics. These videos are created by the VlogBrothers- even I love watching them! originally started with little videos to help kids learn their letters and how to start reading and now has a bunch of learning resources for PreK- grade 3. and Brain Pop Jr. (for K-3)- engaging animated videos and activities for so many subjects and ages